Meet the Team

The Owners

Montgomery Technology Systems, LLC is a subsidiary of Montgomery Technology, Inc. MTI was founded by Tim Skipper in 1987 and is currently owned by Tim, Nathan, and Patrick Skipper. MTS and MTI are family owned businesses, which means that you have direct access to the shareholders, board of directors, and executives, and the company is personally invested in the success of its product and quality of work.MTS was started in 2007 out of a need for a qualified Security Electronics Contractor in the detention market. While the detention sector has a good number of integrators, there are very few (if any) who have the qualifications and experience that the Skippers and their staff have.Tim Skipper serves as the CEO of the company and provides both his engineering and management expertise. Tim holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, as well as a Professional Engineering license, general, electrical, and security licenses in multiple states, and a BICSI RCDD certification.Patrick Skipper serves as the VP of operations and provides design and management expertise. Patrick holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, a Professional Engineering license, general, electrical, and security licenses in multiple states, and a BICSI RCDD certification.Nathan Skipper serves as the VP of Sales. Nathan holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Auburn University and has completed numerous design projects for the company.

The Sales Team

John Findley – Western Regional Sales Manager – John has been with the company for over 10 years and has worked his way up from systems tester to service technician to service manager, and now as sales manager. John brings that field experience to bear in his assistance with new or existing customers. When John speaks to you about your needs, he isn’t just trained on talking points, but actually knows the ins and outs of the products he sells. John represents MTS in the southern and western states. You’re likely to meet John at a trade show or demo.

Mark Stansbery – Eastern Region Sales Manager – Mark has been in the electronic security industry for 25 years, with 20 of those years working in the correctional market. During his career he’s held many positions, including Installation and Service Technician, Project Engineer, and Project Manager.  Mark has been involved with Montgomery Technology, Inc. for 19 years as an integrator in Mid-Atlantic area, and recently joined the team directly as the Regional Sales Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Zane Waters – Estimator – Zane has been with the company for over 10 years as well, starting out as a system tester and moving up from there to service technician and then Project Manager. Zane served in the U.S. Air Force as a Ground Radio Communications Journeyman and holds certifications for Electronic Principles and Ground Radio from the Air Force.

The Security Electronics Team

Wesley Davenport – Operations Manager – Wesley has been with the company for over 10 years. Wesley holds a degree in Industrial Electronics from McArthur Technical College. He began working with the company as a systems tester and moved up the ranks from installer to service technician to project manager. Now, Wesley handles service management and project management. You will likely deal with Wesley when you need service or in project design. Wesley also handles MTI’s training class, so you may meet him when you come to that training.

Blake Henderson – Project Manager – Blake has been with MTS for over 10 years, having worked as an installation technician, service technician, and now a project manager. Blake holds an associates degree in Electronics. He holds a BICSI Telecommunication Project Management certification along with Pelco Endura and VideoXpert certifications.

The Detention Equipment Team

Montgomery Technology Systems, LLC can also provide for all of your detention equipment needs. MTS has an experienced team of professionals who have considerable experience in detention equipment contracting, from steel cell installation to locks to sliders. With this team, we can provide support for all of your security and detention products. Our Detention Division is based out of San Antonio, TX, and they integrate seamlessly with our network of technicians and installation crews throughout the country.


Paul Looney – Detention Division Manager – Paul has over 30 years of experience with the detention equipment marking, having worked for both security electronics contractors and detention equipment contractors. He has worked as an installer, project manager, and division manager. He brings a significant background in every aspect of the construction process, along with strong relationships with the major vendors for detention equipment. Most recently, Paul served as the Lead Project Manager for CCC Group and brings a good track record and his wealth of experience to our team.

Tom Anguiano – Detention Estimating Manager – Like Paul, Tom brings over 30 years of experience in the detention equipment market to our team. He has provided cost-effective project estimates for numerous projects with CCC Group and other Detention Equipment Contractors. Tom has a wealth of understanding of the construction process and the materials and products needed to get the job done.

Derek Koenig – Project Manager – Derek has over thirty-three years’ experience in detention systems design, engineering, and project coordination. Derek has worked for detention equipment manufacturers, and he brings the expertise from that side of the process to bear as he manages his projects.

Skip Anguiano – Project Manager – Skip has over 10 years’ experience in estimating detention equipment. He provides overall project management by establishing project objectives, policies, procedures and performance standards. He also monitors and controls construction by working with the client to ensure the project is constructed in accordance with the design, scope, budget and schedule.