Experience and Qualifications Matter

It is no exaggeration to say that Montgomery Technology Systems, LLC is the most qualified security equipment contractor providing products and services to the market today. With over 30 years of experience specifically in this market and a staff that holds all of the qualifications and licenses required for any work that we do, we take great pride in ensuring that we can meet your security needs in a respectable and ethical way.

To this point, it is important to consider the qualifications and licensing of a company when considering them for your work, especially when it comes to security equipment in a detention environment. There are many companies out there who do not put in the time or money to maintain proper qualifications and licensing, and they have caused a great deal of pain in the process.

MTS is committed to maintaining a qualified workforce. We have provided here a list of our qualifications and licenses for your consideration.


bluebicsircddlogoStandards matter, especially when it comes to the quality of your install. Almost every electronic system runs on an Ethernet backbone these days, and security surveillance and access control systems are no exception. This means that the people that do your security work need to know the best practices for installing telecommunications cabling. If they don’t then you are very likely to experience technical difficulties with your systems. MTS staff are certified through BICSI for both installation and design of telecommunications systems. Our technicians maintain the BICSI ITS certification, and our engineers hold the coveted BICSI RCDD certification.



pelcoAlong with quality of install, it helps when the technicians providing the work know what they are doing with the systems they are servicing. MTS technicians hold certifications from our vendors, including the respectable Pelco Endura certification.


MTS holds a large number of general, electrical, and security licenses. Below is a list of the licenses that we currently hold. Please note that MTS may hold more than the licenses listed at the time of publishing. Also note that certain states do not require licensing for the work that MTS provides, and so these states may not be listed even though we perform work there.

  • Alabama
    • General Contractors License – #46921
    • Electrical Contractors License – #02706
    • Alarm Electronic Security License – #15-10669
  • Arkansas
    • Master Electrician License – #M-8655
    • Unlimited General Contractors License – #0314960516
    • Class E Alarm Systems License – #CMPY.0002309
  • Florida
    • Certified Alarm Systems Contractor I – #EF20000709
  • Georgia
    • Non-Restricted Electrical Contractor – #EN216447
  • Louisiana
    • Electrical License – #58522
  • Mississippi
    • Alarm Class A & B
    • Electrical Contractors License – #19-324MC
  • North Carolina
    • Burglar Alarm License – #2240-CSA
    • Special Restricted Fire Alarm/Low Voltage Classification Electrical License – #27692-SP-FA/L
    • General Contractors License – #70937
  • Oklahoma
    • Electrical Contractor – #149438
  • South Carolina
    • Mechanical Contractors License – #M110374
  • Tennessee
    • Electrical Contractor – #69827
    • Alarm Systems License – #00001664
    • General Contractors License – #00065550
  • Texas
    • Master Electrician – #182741
    • Alarm Systems Security License – #B17060
  • Virginia
    • Private Security License – #11-7382
    • Master Electrician – #2710058218
    • General Contractor – #2705146716
  • West Virginia
    • Electrical Contractor – #WV054954
  • Wyoming
    • Low Voltage Contractor – #LV-G-45849