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  • Project Highlight: Carroll Co. Prison, GA

    From Hardwired to State-of-the-Art Detention Control System In 2017, Montgomery Technology Systems, LLC (MTS) worked with Carroll County to replace a detention control system that was over 20 years old with the latest in touchscreen technology by providing a MTI ProVision detention control system. The existing control system was a “hardwired” system, meaning that the […]

  • Small Detention Facilities Still Have Big Needs

       In today’s market often times the smaller Detention Facilities are left behind in their detention control equipment.  In many cases their county does not have the resources available to acquire the most important components that help in securing their facility effectively.  Whether there are constraints with budgets for staffing, medical, or other reasons a […]

  • Smoother Jail Construction – A Detention Equipment Contractor’s Perspective

    Smoother Jail Construction – A Detention Equipment Contractor’s Perspective

    Whether you are building a tree house or a high-rise, there will always be challenges that are unique to each project. Jails and prisons certainly have their own unique considerations that go beyond normal building means and methods. These facilities are high-occupancy, high-security buildings that require thicker concrete, higher rated steel, and thicker glass than […]

  • Why The Detention Market Needed Another Detention Equipment Contractor

    A year ago, Montgomery Technology Systems, LLC announced that we were getting into the Detention Equipment Contracting business. By a shear act of Providence, we were able to absorb most of the core team from CCC Group’s detention contracting division, meaning that we were able to hit the ground running as a Detention Equipment Contractor. […]