The Full Package Is Here: MTS As Detention Equipment Contractor

IMG_0048.JPGMontgomery Technology Systems, LLC is pleased to announce that we are officially entering the Detention Equipment Contractor space with a fully qualified and experienced staff. Through Providential circumstances, MTS has employed the core project management and installation group from CCC Group’s Detention division. This includes Paul Looney, who will serve as the Detention Division Manager, and Tom Anguiano, Estimating Manager, along with several engineering and construction personnel.

Meeting a Growing Need

IMG_0049.JPGThere has long been an interest to have a Detention Equipment Contractor who could handle all of the trades that were specific to the unique aspects of building a detention facility. Many have tried, but there are few, if any, who have done it well. With this new division within MTS, we now have a company that can do everything involved with detention work, from the security electronics to the conduit, networking, and the detention equipment (locks, hollow metal, furniture, glass, and steel cells, etc).

Feet Firmly Planted

Another wonderful thing about this extension of MTS is that we begin this effort with three detention equipment contracts in the books and many more lined up. We have the full support of many of the major vendors in the market and the attention of architects and engineers who are concerned with the current direction of the market.

Two Offices, One Mission

The Detention Division of MTS will be based out of San Antonio, TX and will offer coverage throughout the western and southeastern USA. Our service technicians will now be able to provide support for all of your security needs, from the locks all the way to the touchscreen computer interfaces. Our goal in this effort is to provide the best quality of service to our customers and meet their needs in an era in which long term support and cost-effective service seems to be lacking.

We at MTS are excited about the new division and look forward to the new opportunities it will create. If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to call Paul or Tom at 800-392-8292.