Small Detention Facilities Still Have Big Needs

   In today’s market often times the smaller Detention Facilities are left behind in their detention control equipment.  In many cases their county does not have the resources available to acquire the most important components that help in securing their facility effectively.  Whether there are constraints with budgets for staffing, medical, or other reasons a lot of emphasis is not placed on Life Safety and Security. Montgomery Technology Systems, LLC (MTS) is proud to be a cost-effective solution for these needs, offering high end electronics that are robust and built for any size facility.  One project that MTS had the opportunity to meet such needs was Marshall County Jail in Madill, OK.

Montgomery Technology Systems, LLC was awarded the project, working with Noah Detention under the architectural firm AIPOK (Architects in Partnership Oklahoma) to provide a complete package for controls and detention equipment. The project was finished on time and under budget. The jail staff is excited about the camera system and the seamless integration to the control system. The availability to have “eyes on operations” was a key operational advantage. The clear quality of the Pelco cameras and the user-friendly software of the Pelco Video Management System have been welcome additions to the system. The support staff has already utilized the VMS to pull recordings of incidents and present those recordings to local investigators.  We are proud to have completed this project for a satisfied customer. Proving that all detention facilities big and small deserve to have a simple, sensible, and reliable control system.