Security Electronics – MTS is an industry leader in providing security electronics for government agencies. MTS provides the Montgomery Technology, Inc. Integrated Security System for the most reliable, hassle-free solution available today. This system can meet all of your security needs, from detention control scenarios to access control situations. The MTI integrated system is used in court houses, jails, and prisons nation wide. To find out more about this product, visit the Montgomery Technology, Inc. website.

Intercom Systems – MTS utilizes the Montgomery Technology, Inc. integrated security system to provide an intercom solution with many more features than you would normally expect. This system allows you to integrate with your video surveillance system to associate intercom call-ins with cameras to automatically pull up video when an intercom call-in is activated. MTS also uses Quam Nichols speakers as end devices for the intercom system.


Video Surveillance Systems – MTS provides Pelco VideoXpert surveillance systems, which meet every possible need that you might have for video surveillance. These systems are built for both large and small scenarios, and are scalable from one to infinity, given the fact that they are all IP-based. To find out more about Pelco products, visit their website.

Detention Equipment Hardware – MTS provides every detention-specific product for jails, prisons, courthouses, and law enforcement complexes:

  • Detention and Commercial Locks from RR Brink, Southern Folger, and AirTeq.
  • Detention Furniture
  • Windows and Glazings
  • Wall Panels
  • Steel Cells
  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Sliders
  • Cell Coatings and Paddings